Mine Operations

Commoner Mine Limited (CML) is currently undertaking open pit mining at its Bee Pit Mine. Going forwards CML will be progressing underground.

01. Mining

Mining is carried out using conventional open pit mining methods. Mined ore is delivered by tractor and trailer to the main ore bin.

02. Crushing

Ore is withdrawn from the ore bin at a con­trolled rate and crushed by a gyro crusher and a series of 3 jaw crushers. After each crusher, material is fed over a vibrating screen; large particles are returned for recrushing, and fine material that passes through the screens progresses towards the next crusher.

03. Static Leach Tanks

Static leach tanks are used to remove the gold from the crushed ore. Cyanide is added to the tanks to leach out the gold from the ore. Slurry remains in the tanks and is offloaded once the gold has been removed. Gold dissolved as a cyanide complex is passed through pipes to the carbon columns for absorption.

04. Carbon Columns

The dissolved gold-cyanide complex is passed through a series of carbon columns to ex­tract the gold. The pregnant carbon is then eluted using a cyanide mix and the solution is passed through an electrowining circuit to extract the gold onto a steel wool.

05. Refining

Acid dissolution of the steel wool complex enables extraction of the gold. Further refine­ment then takes place to form bullion bars to 85% purity for dispatch.

06. Sales

Bullion bars are drilled and assayed for CML’s record keeping and reconciliation with the refinery. Government royalties are paid and following export procedures the bullion is dispatched for sale.